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Metabolic Nutrition

Try our Metabolic Nutrition Program  

It is a known fact that many people struggle with obesity in the United States.
If you are currently struggling to lose weight or eat healthy, it can seem like all hope is lost. Luckily, Capital Region Integrative Health’s Metabolic Nutrition and Metabolic Nutrition Programs are here to help you. 

We believe that in order to beat your weight challenges and other health conditions, they must be addressed from a metabolic standpoint. Optimizing our hormone and organ function is critical to our overall health as well as weight loss and maintenance. Initial as well as follow-up analysis/evaluations will determine the programs for each individual.


What’s Included in Our Programs:
  • What foods to eat and when to eat them
  • Nutritional supplements that are required
  • What exercises to perform and when to do them
  • Ideal sleeping patterns for your body to help optimize hormone balance and organ function. 
Let us help you create the right program for your specific needs and work towards helping you find better health and be at a healthy weight. 
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