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Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic Knee Pain Treatment in Capital Region 

Our chronic knee pain patients have been dealing with an ongoing condition that has significantly affected their life and have often tried other treatments such as traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, medication and injections with no significant long-term results. Often, they are told that they will simply have to "learn to live with it.” But for the majority of these patients, there still is hope with our Chronic Knee Pain Treatment program for regaining a better quality of life without the chronic overuse of medications, injections, and/or surgery.  
We continually implement the most cutting edge treatment, technologies, and approaches, but it is the initial consultation to pinpoint the different contributing factors of each individual case which helps determine the right treatment technologies and approaches and ultimately the highest possibility of success. Many times, previous treatment attempts simply have not addressed all the different factors of the condition.  

After the initial evaluation, it's a process of determining which patients can be accepted for our Chronic Knee Pain Treatment Program, utilizing many of the most advanced non-invasive treatments available today. We look forward to working with those patients who are selected as strong candidates for these treatment programs and are also highly motivated to take the necessary action steps for maximizing long-term success. We want to help as many chronic knee pain sufferers as possible.


The Initial Evaluation

An in-depth initial evaluation, including consultation, examination, analyzing necessary imaging, and testing findings is essential to determine the different contributing factors of the chronic knee pain. This includes the biomechanical health and function of the knee joint and its surrounding soft tissue support system, as well as the common influences such as the supporting soft tissues of the leg, hip and lumbo-pelvic regions. Upon case acceptance, a custom treatment program will be started utilizing potential combinations of different treatment modalities listed on this page.
Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation (interferential current, pre-mod, and Russian stimulation) depending on the desired outcome for a particular condition.  
Vascular circulation
Contractile tissue (muscle and tendon) strengthening
Treats pain and inflammation
Soft Tissue Adhesion Reduction Therapy

Soft tissue therapy techniques assist in the "breaking up" of adhesions and/or scar tissue that can form in the soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, and connective tissue) in chronic injuries, traumas, and even postural stresses and strains.

Laser Therapy

Our class IV and III B lasers (high powered and moderate powered) often are a key component to a Chronic Knee Pain Treatment Program.
  • Treats pain and inflammation
  • Soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia)
  • Degenerative joint conditions
  • Pre- and post-surgical treatment
  • Accelerates healing process
  • Non-surgical with no harmful side effects
Biomechanical Rebalancing
Maximizing the biomechanical function of the locomotive and general loading systems of the hips and lumbo-pelvic regions can have a significant impact on the distribution of the knees. Addressing this can have a significant impact on the short and long-term success of the chronic knee pain sufferer.
Joint Stability Exercise Rehabilitation

Another important factor ultimately in the health of the knee is to optimize its strength, flexibility and proprioception (neurological sensory input which contributes to the body's sense of position and movement). This is all important for the knee condition to get and stay well.
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