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We value our patients’ experiences at Capital Region Integrative Health and strive to help each and every one of our patients return to an active, pain-free, and healthy lifestyle. 


Check out some of our success stories:

"Great people and treatments really. Had neck pain and received great results. Took about 6 weeks. Now can be active without pain. Treatments are painless. Yes, recommend to anyone." –Paul (Cohoes, NY)

"What brought me to the office was my constant low back pain from degenerative disc disease at L4-L5 and L5-S1 along with my nearly constant tailbone pain. I tried acupuncture, regular chiropractic, 2 different types of medications, yoga, and more - nothing really worked until I found and started spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments, strengthening exercises, and electrical stimulation of my muscles with ice. I have been recommending this treatment to many others - including the doctors at my pain management! Thank you!" – Jen (Ballston Spa, NY)

"My issues were primarily with my neck, but comprehensive neck and back therapy has really helped both. Most importantly, the extreme pain I had in my neck is largely gone, and it has enabled me to enjoy life and work again. Dr. Milham and staff, Blair and Dana, are excellent extremely helpful always positive faces to be around. I would recommend this to anyone, will and have done so." – Michael (Mechanicville, NY)

"I cannot say enough about the staff and doctor here. I came to the Spinal Aid Center unable to walk without pain in my left leg. After 4-5 treatments the pain lessened and I began to feel human again. I cannot say enough about the staff and doctor here. They are caring, attentive and just wonderful people. I would highly recommend the center to friends and relatives." – Ronald (Niskayuna, NY)

"I came into Dr. Milham's office in such pain that I thought I would be in a wheelchair in the next year. I did not want to walk or move in any manner due to the pain. I received spinal decompression to relieve a pinched nerve and discs that were bulging. The sessions did not hurt at all. After each session I felt much better. My back itself is so much stronger now than it was. Now I am working on muscular strengthening with exercises. I believe this treatment saved my life and my outlook on everything. I felt so bad for so long that I forgot how good I could feel and enjoy living again. I would highly recommend this treatment." – Ann (Troy, NY)

"I was treated for Peripheral Neuropathy with a combination of vibration and laser therapy. Before treatment I was at a level 9 for pain for 24 hours a day unless I took a pain med just to sleep at night. My daily activities were limited to staying on the couch and reading or watching TV. There was a gradual improvement every week or so, but a very large gain in the last 3 weeks of the 2½ months I spent in treatment. Getting treatment has made a huge difference in my life. After 2 years of pain I now feel almost as normal as I had been. The treatments were next to painless. I would recommend this to anyone that has a quality of life issue as bad as I did. Thank you Dr. Milham." – Thomas (Colonie, NY)

"When I first decided to try this treatment, I was unsure of what kind of results I would achieve, due to my neck being locked in place. I was told by other doctors surgery was my next step. My mobility has improved immensely. When we first started it was very uncomfortable and I was not sure if I could do it. But between the light therapy and laser treatments, my neuropathy has completely gone away. l continue to come back for tweaking so as not to return to how I was. You could not ask for a nicer staff." - Margaret (Latham, NY)

"Had constant leg and hip pain at the start. I was scared to lift or push anything. I can now do almost any chore I need to take care of." – Eric (Glenville, NY)

"I suffered from back pain for many years. I have been to back specialists, neurosurgeons and neurologists. All recommended surgery, and/ or pills. Then I tried pain management and spinal injections. They did work as a temporary fix. I was still unable to make my bed, stand to do the dishes or walk any distance to do marketing or walking the dog...from bulging discs, sciatica and just plain old age degeneration. My back feels great. All the things I was unable to do, I can do with no pain.
I would recommend this painless therapy to anyone I know that is having problems. Dr. Milham and Dana are a very pleasant and knowledgeable team." – Linda P. (Clifton Park, NY)

"I had to sit in a chair for one and a half-year. I was in awful pain all of the time. I could not do anything. The Veteran’s Hospital told me I had to get surgery on my back. Since starting non-surgical spinal decompression with Dr. Milham, I have no pain at all in my back. I can get up and down with no trouble at all. I can do a lot of work now. I used to shuffle my feet, and now I can walk better now. I am glad I came to Dr. Milham's office- I got better for it. Dr. Milham was very good to me. I would tell someone with the same back problems that I had, to get spinal decompression” – Robert F. (Albany, NY)

"This doctor is very precise and knowledgeable in his chosen field. When you’re in his office you can see how he interacts with his patients, how he truly cares and in turn, how they respond to him as well. He’s exceptional and someone you can feel comfortable with right from the very beginning. We would highly recommend him to anyone.” – Cathy N. (Porter Corners, NY)

"I suffered most of my life with neck and back pain. The pain usually limited my activities or prevented them. I tried physical therapy or chiropractic for years. I had the same old problems till I came to the Spinal Aid center, with the combination of the decompression, chiro, therapies and exercises that I was taught, now I can do the things without suffering the pain in my low back and neck. I would recommend this to other people, and already have." – Anna M. (Watervliet, NY) 

"I had bulging discs and pain in my left leg for several months. I went to see the doctor who gives me medication and physical therapy. Still in pain, I couldn't stand for more than 5 minutes and I couldn't sleep in bed for three months. I love to cook and I couldn't do that. After reading an advertisement about non-surgical spinal decompression therapy I decided to try it. After 3 treatments my pain was gone! Couldn't believe it and after 3 more treatments I felt like myself. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone. I'm 72 years old and I feel like I'm 10 years younger." - Ronald L. (Hoosick Falls, NY)

"Spinal Decompression got me whole again. Only wish that my other 4 plus doctors had recommended this. It was the best thing I ever did." – Robert (Troy, NY)

“I had severe pain in my back and down my leg. It was difficult to go from sitting to a standing position and could only walk short distances without severe pain. Physical Therapy did not help it took several treatments before I saw improvements. After which there was improvement every week. The treatments were painless and now I can do everyday things with no pain. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.” – Donna (August 2014)

"My back hurt so bad that I could not play golf or even get out of bed without pain. I was told by my orthopedic to see a neurological surgeon...He told me he could not help my condition because of my arthritis. I found Dr. Milham and his back decompression therapy. The Spinal Aid Center of America helped me get better. The decompression and other aids have me golfing again..I now have no pain now, but keep up on the stretching, and it worked. I would recommend Dr. Milham to anyone with back problem. He knows what he is doing and is my golfing savior." – David (Schenectady, NY)

"The office is a very friendly atmosphere. The decompression machine was relaxing and I felt an overall relief of pressure in my lower back and hips. The adjustment, physical therapy and stimulation and ice sessions were relieving with a sense of "I can do anything," but with the understanding that overdoing it is not good. You have to have patience and a willingness to see the treatment through." – Barbara (Albany, NY)

The first time on the table was the first relief of sciatic pain I had had over the past 3 months...
"I came in for lower back pain with sciatic pain down my left leg and extreme muscle spasms. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5-S1 with compression on my left sciatic nerve via MRI. I was started on a spinal decompression plan. The first time on the table was the first relief of sciatic pain I had had over the past 3 months of dealing with the pain. About 3 weeks into the treatment I started having significant relief with no low back pain or spasms and infrequent sciatic pain. I was able to go about my daily activity without pain." – Nichole (Cohoes, NY)

Pain was just part of my life before......
"When I first came to see Dr. Milham, I was in a lot of pain. Pain that was stopping me from doing things and starting to make me feel depressed...After just 3 of 4 treatments my lower back started to feel better. After 8-9 visits I started feeling like a new person. I felt like it was the first time in years that i actually had days without pain! Pain was just part of my life before- now I feel great! I am very happy that I decided to do this treatment and would definitely recommend it to others!" – Nancy (Albany, NY)

"I was experiencing extreme pain from L4/L5 lumbar. This condition started in Feb 2013- not sure what caused the problem- just woke up and was dressing for work when my right leg locked up and I could not move. I made appointments with my primary physician who advised I see an orthopedic surgeon. After 2 MRI's, the surgeon strongly recommended spinal surgery (fusion). The surgeon could not guarantee good results and recovery would be months. I was totally against the surgery and unwilling to take the risks involved. After 5 treatments I was doing much better! Now after completion of this program I'm straighter, stronger and fully functional!" – James (Amsterdam, NY)

"I had spinal decompression because I had bulging disc and degenerated disc. The treatment was great and the office people were great and very friendly. I started out in Dec 2012 with severe pain. Couldn't stand or sit. Went to a chiropractor, helped some but was never out of pain; went for massage therapy, didn't help; went to orthopedic doctor, had X-rays and MRI- went to physical therapy and made it worse. Went for 3 shots of cortisone, didn't work. Next was going for surgery, and I didn't want that....Went for consultation (with Dr. Milham) and decided to go for it. Gone 20 times and found much relief...I would recommend this to anyone with back problems." – Barbara (Scotia, NY)

“I came here seeking help for neuropathy which had progressed to the point of inhibiting the length of time I could walk or even stand...the feeling in my feet has increased and improved greatly. I would definitely recommend others to seek treatment for Dr. Milham.” – James F. (Albany, NY)

"I would recommend anyone with feet and back problems to see them. Staff was great, very understanding and caring. I thank them for helping through a painful stage. I had back pain for several years and thought I had to live with it being a working man." – Charles A. (Gansevoort, NY)

"I was suffering from back pain and pain in my wrists and other joints. I was a burning pain, but only affected me after I had gone to sleep.. the laser treatments on my hands and wrists ended the burning pain in my wrists and fingers.” – Teresa (Mechanicville, NY)

“I could barely sit through work because my sciatic nerve pain was so bad. I even considered dropping out of school. I would certainly recommend this treatment to others as it greatly reduced my pain and increased my quality of life back to normal." – Cassandra (Albany, NY)

"I feel much more flexible than I have in years." – Lauri (Clifton Park, NY)

"Dr. Milham is very professional, as well as kind, caring, and compassionate." – William (Niskayuna, NY)

"I had laser therapy and exercising. I am able to move my neck without any pain. I no longer have spasms in my back. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has neck or back problems. Dr. Milham has been wonderful and so has Blair." –Laurie (Petersburgh, NY)

"When I first came in I couldn't turn to the left when driving...Now I have free range of movement. I didn't want to lose my independence. Doctor did laser treatment on my neck and treatment of my neck muscles to give me movement. Thanks so much for your help Dr. Milham." – Susan (Clifton Park, NY)

"The exercises shown helped tremendously. I've incorporated all of the exercises into my gym routine." – Tony (Albany, NY)
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